Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary

Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary

Visit Cornwall’s biggest exotic animal sanctuary

Porfell Wildlife Park is a wild family attraction only a few miles from Looe in South East Cornwall.  It offers sanctuary to many different animals from around the world.  They might be neglected, injured, imported illegally or simply no longer wanted.  For whatever reason they come to us, they’re always welcome.

Since 1989, they’ve created homes designed to suit each species’ individual needs. The result is a living attraction quite unlike a zoo. Here children (and adults!) can get up close to wildlife, feed the animals, touch them and learn all about the natural world.

At Porfell you will meet wallabies, marmosets, snakes, lemurs, meerkats, porcupines and of course ‘Bert’ the capybara as well as all your favourite farmyard animals and pets.

These are just a few of the interesting varieties of exotic, wild and domesticated animals to be seen within the fifteen acres of sloping fields bounded by streams and a varied woodland. Share the pleasure and unique experience of close contact with these animals in this lovely natural environment.

Discovery and surprise are alsoa part of the fun as you enjoy a quiet encounter with nature and learn much more about the animals, plants and trees from the descriptive displays.


Porfell Wildlife Park





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Tel: 01503 220 211

Email: porfellwildlifepark@gmail.com